Links to various Australian radio and news stories as well as international documentaries and films pertaining to the Armenian Genocide have been provided below.

Australian Radio

1. Souren’s Story: A voice recovered from Armenia’s bitter past

An ABC Radio documentary about the Armenian Genocide and Australia’s role in the ensuing international relief effort, traced through the memoirs of Genocide survivor Souren Antoyan.

2. The Armenian Genocide and Australia’s role

A radio 2GB interview by Alan Jones with Dr Panayiotis Diamadis of the Australian Institute for Holocaust and Genocide Studies on the Armenian Genocide and Australia’s relief efforts.

3. Why April 24 matters: the story of the Armenian genocide.

Clinical associate Professor Robert Kaplan tells the story of the genocide of 1.5 million Armenians by the Turks, which is commemorated on April 24.


Australian Video

1. Ghosts of the Past

ABC Foreign Correspondent news report by Eric Campbell on the February 2007 murder in Istanbul of writer and outspoken advocate for the recognition of the Armenian Genocide in Turkey, Hrant Dink, and Turkey’s continued denial of the Armenian Genocide.


2. Genocide Memoir – Tateos Panikian

A Redcell production on the memoirs of Armenian Genocide survivor Tateos Panikian by Sydney filmmaker Shahane Bekarian.


1. Screamers

A documentary by internationally known director Carla Garapedian on tour with rock band System of a Down in Europe and the United States as they raise awareness for the horrors of modern genocide starting with the 1915 Armenian Genocide up through Darfur today.

2. The Armenian Genocide

A powerful documentary on the history of the Armenian Genocide, featuring interviews with leading experts on the topic and unique footage of the historical event.


3. Grandma’s Tattoos

A documentary by director Suzanne Khardalian on the fate of Armenian women during the genocide as she investigates the dark story behind the strange tattoes on her grandmother’s hands.


1. Mayrig

A touching drama by director Henry Verneuil on the story of an Armenian family during and after the Genocide of 1915.

2. Lark Farm

A feature film on the fate of an affluent Armenian family, the Avakians, during the Armenian Genocide.

3. Ararat

A drama by Canadian director Atom Egoyan on the enduring legacy of the Armenian Genocide and its continuing impact on young generation Armenians.